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Whats new PussyCat? ...I can't call it!

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Heyyyyyyy's been months since I last checked in and published.

*Full transparency

...I've written a couple of post-BUT-due to the sensitive subjects, the anger, cursing, foul language and no holds barred reporting I decided not to publish them and end up on the end of some zealot's bullet (that), or get shadow-banned by the algorithm.

Which I swear is racist-simply by the quantity of hacked accounts (of black & brown people), or banned and shadow banned account (also black and brown people) due to "sensitive subject matter" or violates the platforms rules and regulations (what a joke!). Mind you I see LOTS of "others" post way more provocative material or racially sensitive material...and of course-crickets!!!!

Chris DeLoatch @chrisdeloatchofficial, captured by Marvin Joseph (@king-marvino),

in SKM Floral Spread Collar Shirt & Flared Leg Drawstring Pants.

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