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What's Pop(ping)Up in November - #1

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Here a Sneak Peek at garments which will be available during this weekends PopUp.

Imported Plush Wool Knit in a jumbo plaid.

Imported Double face Wool Vicuna

Boiled wool Ponchos w/real fur trim and suede laces + blanket stitching (left).

Boiled Wool Collarless Jacket w/vintage braided trim

The OG Wrap w/blanketstitching. Crafted from a glenn plaid wool boucle

The Mohair Kimono Scarf Poncho (pictured: 2 ways to wear this poncho)

NoWaste Collection Fringed Shirt Jacket. 3x only

Wool Melton Cape w/abzag stitching +qulited nylon inner hood & facing.

Qulited Nylon Dropcrotch Shorts

Denim Scraps High Collar Shirt

Denim Jacket w/cargo pockes & side belts in a qulited patchwork madras plaid +washed, ripped + torn denim, faux shearling collar & a qulited lining. 3XL only.

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