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SKM x Kettle One x Sundance

Updated: May 2

I did a thing or rather SHAKA KING MENSWEAR (did a thing) LoL...

First of the year-2024, I received a call, from Costume/Stylist Kim Chewning, for some SKM Big & Tall garments. She was working on a commercial, for Kettle One Vodka, which would air during SUNDANCE Film Festival.

backStory: Dressing Big &Tall men is in my wheelhouse. I jump started my brand by dressing players in the NBA and NFL. Webber, Salley, Barkley, Mourning, Nickerson, Hill, Hardaway (Tim & Penny), Davis etcetera etc...

Actor Max Gates in SKM Brunt Orange Kimono Wrap Jacket w/long web straps.

Behind the scenes lighting, setting-up the shot, prep.

Fun fact: The fashion looks presented to the head hunchos was narrowed down to 3 looks, of which they chose one. SHAKA KING MENSWEAR bodied the top 3 looks of which they selected one.

Watch the full commercial:

Raising a cocktail to the next generation of filmmakers.

Ketel One x Sundance x AMC Networks

Wardrobe Stylist: Kim Chewning ME

Actor: Max Gates

Director: Shawn Peters

Producer: Tim Perell

Production Coordinator: LaTonya Joyce

Writer: Elisha Blount Morhead

Wardrobe Assistant: Dana Smith

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