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Updated: Jan 27

(this was my 1st collection showing during fashion week- HOBO Fall/Winter 1993)

-i have always had an interest in creating fashion. once i discovered the title/job description fashion designer, i was alllll in.....periodT!!!

for many many years i showed during fashion week, showed in collective fashion shows, sold to small boutiques, dressed NBA & NFL players, created garments for movies, tv shows, videos, plays (broadway & off-broadway), advertising & commercials + i've dressed some of the hottest actors, singers, celebrities, writers etc.... of the 80's (late), 90's & 2000's (early to mid).

here's the kick: I did all of this with no backing whatsoever. i was able to get credit with several of my suppliers (long story...remind me to tell you one day) and i took a page out of spike lee's playbook and maxed out credits when I needed to.

some of my funniest & fruitful times happened during the early years of building my a hold s**t load of sweat, tears, no's, stress, sleeplessness and missed events & holidays.

so i'am sitting her watching the latest LV showing and re-watching the (Mike) Amiri past two collections. both runway shows (which are ahhhmazzing!!!) have me reminiscing about the SKM years showing during fashion week (formerly known as 7th on 6th).

below: a couple of vintage images from a couple of SKM collection shows.

The LUXE collection F/W 1998

CORNUCOPIA (designer group show)

Collections: Urban African Wear (black designer showcase)

Magic Johnson Foundations: Black Designer Showcase 2000

believe it or not there was a time before "Social Media" and we (young un-funded artist) had to promote our brands to the editors, boutiques, the fashionable, stylist, editor assistants etc...

Group fashion show/events where a refreshing break from the pressures of Fashion Week(s). The group shows where a way to connect & meet-up with your fellow Designer. fashion friends +artist, models, musicians.

that said... there are more images, of more shows i could post, but for now i'm typed out!!! besides this post took a lot of time to assemble, research, crop, edit and layout.

hashtag-pimping ain't easy.

-KINGDOM... remember to practice patience, understanding & compassion.

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