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What is new in the KINGDOM!?!

The new capsule collection (which is dropping in Oct) entitle "MY WAY" a declaration of sorts! So many years and many-many, obstacles, attitudes and pressures to conform to the industry standards + people pressure to be this way or do it that way-because the "industry" had/has them all brainwashed, that there's was/is only one way to get ahead and grow in the fashion industry. I on the other hand could not (would not) believe I worked my butt off, made the calls, took a chance and believed in myself...then I quieted the noise, put my head down, did/do the work and made/make my way...and here I am...doing it "MY WAY."

The past was running thru my head prior to creating this new capsule collection. Below is a sample of some of the garments (in varies stages of production) from the

"MY WAY" Fall Winter 2020 Collection.

Once I started the collection I received a text, letting me know, I was selected for a fashion magazine feature on black designers story. Included is the full look I created.

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