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The Open Weave Turtleneck Sweater is crafted from a mix of plush doubleknit wool jersey + an open weave knit jersey. This garment features: a soft loose turtleneck (6in.), frayed selvage edge sleeves/hem, straight cut body, w/a set-in sleeve. 


XL Turtleneck measurements: 

Length: 28 inches (from centerback to bottom of hem)

Width: 52 inches (around the widest area of the body)

Sleeve: 27.5 inches (from top of shoulder cap to bottom of hem)

Note: XXL'ers the open weave front of this design, provides extra room for fit options.


The #NoWaste Collections feature fabric cuttings & scraps from previous collections, as well as buttons, trimmings and finishings. Materials are used in there orginal form (irregular cuts, run-off prints, faded color etc...) but reworked into the design.

The mission to reduce landfill waste and create a smaller carbon foorprint.

Open Weave Turtleneck w/frayed selvage edge

Size: XL
  • Dry Clean Only