The Fuzzy Mixed Wool Skullie is from our seasonal-#NoWaste Collection Series. Hand-crafted and stitched from a mix of imported wool jersey knits with texture.

This skullie is a mix of  a brushed &  a flat texture and features random abzag stitching (all over) + it's lined w/a stitched striped cotton/poly blend knit.

Purplish Gray/Red Print


Length 9in.

Standard Fit = S,M,L

Standard Fit+ = S, M, L, XL

Bigger =  XXL


* The #NoWaste Collections Series is crafted from fabric scarps and cuttings of previous seasons. Stitch, thread, cut, style etc are all considered when creating these garment. The approach of production with zero waste, ensures it item is truly one of a kind. 

Fuzzy Mixed Wool Knit Skullie-Wine Print

Size: Standard
  • Dry Clean. 

    Spot Clean w/a mild detergent. Roll in a 100% cotton towel to absorb water. Air Dry.