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The Denim Scraps Bucket Hat #3 is crafted from a mix of denim scraps and random abzag stitching. This hat features, long side straps,  a raw cut brim with multi rows of stitching in a contrasting color. This hat is reversible-to mixed of three Africian cotton prints + a denim brim (giving you 2 hats in one). Pictured are views of this hat from different sides.


Features: Crown 3.5 inches + Brim inches 2.5 inches  

Straps: 30 inches




Denim Scraps #3 Bucket Hat w/straps-Reversible

SKU: SKMbckt3
Size: XL-2X
  • Wash or Spot Clean with a mild detergent.

    Roll in a 100% cotton towel to absorb excess water.

    Air Dry.

    Pressing/Ironing is fine.


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