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The #NOWaste Long Frayed Wool Scarf is crafted from imported 140s wool in standard menswear weaves. This weave in a dark olive color is woven with multi colored yarns (golden brown, black & soft green), in a birdseye stripe weave. The hand-pulled edges of this scarf is finshed with the houses signature motif design (in mixed leather scraps) and a leather ID bar w/signature abzag stitching. This item is 1 of one.


Length: 112.5 inches

Width: 13 inches

Frayed Edge (hem): 1 inch

#NOWaste Long Frayed Wool Scarf w/leather motifs

  • Dry Clean. 

    Spot Clean w/a mild detergent. Roll in a 100% cotton towel to absorb water. Air Dry.


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