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MY WAY 1st Look [screenshots]

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

Photographer James L Hicks - Stylist Chad Ross - Model Kalmon Stokes

On view a collection of screenshot images from SKM latest-Fall/Winter'20 Capsule Collection "MY WAY".

backStory: i received a call...saying "i am shooting a black designer story for ---- magazine and I have selected you as one of the Designers."

i need xx amount of looks. shooting on so & so day...blah blah blah!!!!!! [aka] we talked it

out-i agree & its a go!

Guess what??? I only have1 item made when i get the call...a coat.

the process: i started sorting thru fabrics-while visualizing the story behind the collection. i started with this idea of creating all i went thru my stock of fabrics-combing thru fabric ends, floor cuttings + small runs of Super 100's [from previous collections] and deadstock wools. this mashup become the DNA for the MY WAY Collection.

also s/o to my local fabric jobber because his selection this winter season was "sooooo-LlT" inspired me for this collection, as well.

[above] Kalmon Stokes. I first worked with Kalmon on a shoot-with photographer Leslie Andrews who cast him as the model-on a shoot we were collaborating on.

I put him forth for this shoot with photographer James Hicks-making him the first model in the new MY WAY FW'20 capsule collection.

s/o to [KINGDOM] Stylist Chad Ross...spinning them SKM lewks...into a SKM hits!!!

as i type up this post...two e-magazines [European] have agreed to publish the fashion story, as seen in these screenshots + additional images (i will post later).

IG: @shakakingmenswear. @kalmonstokes. @blackkimchii. @james_l_hicks2photography.

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