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...And Just Like That!!!

I am not sure if it's a conspiracy or what... but as soon as I wrote this post originally (this is the second version) my system couldn't save it on this site-which auto saves EVERY WORD I have ever written. #SMmotherfuckingH

I HAVE MOVED ON FROM INSTAGRAM ...cause those Bitch ass hoes think they control what you say, post, think out loud, comment on etc... (for "some of us but not ALL of us" i.e Black artists & creators). For some strange reason IG will no longer let me post on my page-but I can still buy their promo ads (which reach no one but Bots), like, follow, scroll their site, set-up a shop etc... I just can no longer utter a word in any form on my own page. It's not enough that they slowed down/ghosted my page-they weren't letting my followers see my fashions either.

Maybe, it's because I am pro-BLACK and I speak out about racial injustices against ADOS and the harm bought against ADOS???? Or maybe it is the fact that I speak out about the "Two Justices System" (which main mission is to keep slavery alive) or how "I am Guilty-and not proven Innocent" (because my white privilege shields me) or "Let's just let the cops do whatever they want to POC" (with that "not all of them are rotten" energy).

Maybe it was me calling them out, last week about it (something I have seen my white artist friends do with no push back). Whatever the reason I have had enough of all that foolishness.

Wokeness is really a problem (worldwide) on their platform and if you're a POC (person of color) the punishment is swift & severe. And it not just me... I see it happening to lots of Small Black Business Owners, Creators, & Artists. Even my white artist friends... if they utter the words/sentiment that Black Lives Matter, see a slowing down of their feeds viewership.

Listen "I study noticing in the 7th grade" (the 60's)... when I saw how the nightly news would constantly march Black Males across their screens in handcuffs... and I haven't seen much change since that time.

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