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The 1st drop for the SKM t-shirt/hoodie are one-of-a-kind/limited editions pieces (each one slightly different, in short & long sleeve.

These are the first "test screen" prints. Some printed on fabric (which is cut and sewn into garments), some re-printed on vintage printed tees or printed on new tees (brands include: Champion (sweatshirts), American Apparel, Hanes, Canva and Gildan). Vintage patches, stitching details or African wax cotton accents round out the selection. Each one from this 1st drop is a collectors item.

The 2nd drop features the SK Adinkra Monogram Long Sleeve Tee in black w/white print and white w/gray print. Printed on Hanes Beefy Tees.


A collection of unique jewelry created from vintage, new deadstock and aged findings. Each piece is crafted by hand and no two are alike.

Mixed metal findings & link chains, beads, leather cord, closures and the design layouts-keep each piece different from the norm. These are one-of-a-kind treasures. 


The SK knit skullie is that stylish go-to accessory, when the hawk is out and biting at your ears. These skullcaps are usually constructed from a double knit wool jersey but when a great poly knit or wool/poly blend knit, speaks to me....a skullie is born. They are lined with a poly or cotton knit and accented with SKM's signature blanket stitching, fur, leather or suede motifs...signature details that give each item it's unique look. 

Warning: They have a tendency to walk keep your eyes on them. 

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